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For Patients

Simple. Revolutionary. Cost Effective.

Once the ThoraGraft is implemented in a sternotomy during the closure procedure the wound is immobilized, creating a static environment to aid in stabilizing the sternum. 


ThoraGraft works extremely effectively with the body and remodels into a fusion mass that reduces bleeding and heals the sternum and thereby preventing scar tissue to take over the wound.

Significantly Improve Patient Outcomes and Recovery

The vital surgery that requires a sternotomy is fraught with significant complications for patients and exorbitant healthcare costs for hospitals and insurance providers.


ThoraGraft is a game changing solution that significantly improves patient outcomes by lowering mortality rates, speeding up recovery times, reducing intensive care and hospital stays, diminishing pain, and dramatically lowering cost to the hospitals as well as insurers.

The thick, fibrous bone of ThoraGraft gives the graft the ability to immobilize the wound and act like a scaffold and fusion gasket.  This promotes the ideal conditions in the wound so that “Wolf’s Law” can take effect and new bone can form and heal the sternal fracture. 


Because the sternal wound is a “dynamic” wound, scar tissue is the one mechanism by which the body can stabilize itself.  ThoraGraft changes that and creates a static wound because it is designed to work with the wire cerclage to immobilize the construct.  

The whole medical ecosystem benefits from this cutting-edge new product

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