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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop innovative, ground-breaing medical device technologies. 


Our devices aim to improve patient outcomes and economics of surgeries in cardiac and thoracic medical procedures

Our Vision

Utilize our medical technologies to strive to make the world a better place with respect to enhancing surgical procedures for both patient and surgeon.

To build a profitable company with a highly skilled team to invent, develop, and market patent medical devices that deliver successful results for doctors, health care professionals, hospitals and patients related to cardiothoracic surgeries, procedures,and post-operative care

Desired Outcome

Our desired outcome is to benefit the whole medical ecosystem of doctors, medical professionals, hospitals, patients & care-givers. 

•Provide more effective devices, tools and solutions for surgeons and medical professionals


•Improve patient outcomes


•Increase patient satisfaction


•Improve financial performance of our hospital & medical facility partners


•Grow our business, and Increase profitability for our company’s shareholder value

Corporate Values

  • Our Corporate values are founded in sincerity and integrity in our conduct and decision making

  • Conduct our business ethically, with the highest integrity

  • Honor and respect our Team to create a highly desirable working environment

  • Operate to the highest medical industry safety standards


  • Provide the best customer service possible

  • Operate profitably with the consistently growing value goal for our customers & shareholders

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