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Revolutionize the way you care for your patients.

What is ThoraGraft?

ThoraGraft is a multi-functional bone graft technology with a singularly unique patented design.  Our proprietary tissue form is implanted between the surgically separated halves of a sternum when the surgeon closes a patient’s chest wound following an open thoracic procedure.


ThoraGraft acts as a bone “gasket” implanted just prior to the surgeon closing the chest wound. Traditionally, postoperative complications associated with this wound and the post-operative challenges it creates frequently are costly and complicated for the patient and the healthcare system.


What Are the Benefits?

ThoraGraft was designed to create a simple and effective solution that dramatically improves patient outcomes by addressing numerous post-operative challenges per the following:

  • Significantly lessens pain,

  • Decreases bleeding,

  • Promotes healing and sternal bone fusion,

  • Reduces time in ICU,

  • Shortens hospitalizations, and therefore,

  • Substantially Lowers patient treatment costs for the hospital.

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